Class Descriptions

Class Price: $5 Drop In (unless noted)

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Classes We Offer

BalletFit Body w/ Kim -
$5 Drop In

This program emphasizes core stability, full range of movement, joint mobility, proprioception and the importance of balance.

Barre Define w/ Kassie-
$5 Drop In

Come challenge yourself with a fast paced 45min barre workout that includes a combination of resistance and strength training and sculpting yoga moves to get rid of that fat in unwanted areas and define each muscle in the areas your choice! This sculpting barre class is customizable to your liking!

DanceFit Cardio w/ Kim -
$5 Drop In

DanceFit Cardio is a 45 min dance workout using HipHop, Jazz, Modern and other dance forms to keep you moving to fun tempo music. It’s a cardio dance workout using a few phrases of dance steps to each song. You will move and sweat learning how to dance at the same time!!

Gentle Yoga w/ Kristi -
$5 Drop In

Gentle Yoga is a perfect class for anyone who is looking to slow things down or for someone who has never done yoga. Gentle Yoga tries to really focus on the breath, creating that equilibrium with the body and mind. No experience necessary.

Pound Fit w/ Lisa -
$10 Drop In

You use Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising. Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized and , toning up. The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities. Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, strengthen connective tissue and infrastructural muscles with the combination of stability and cardio. Drastically improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and musicality. Numerous studies have proven the powerful brain boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

Power Hour Yoga w/ Amy -
$15 Drop In

Power Yoga Practice is a 90-minute class of mindful moving, conscious breathing, and gratitude meditation. We will be supported in our weaknesses and challenged in our strengths. Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own pace, ask questions, and stay curious. Power Yoga Practice is a practice, not a performance, and all levels are welcome, beginners and beyond. Come experience the energizing, calming, and healing effects of yoga for body, mind, and spirit.

PowerBall Core w/ Kassie - $5 Drop In

PowerBall Core is a stability ball class which challenges the muscles, helping to strengthen and build up the core muscles of your body, such as stomach, back, butts & thighs. An excellent full body workout that results in a stronger core.