Personal Training

Lisa McManes


I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Youth Exercise Specialist with the National Academy Of Sports Medicine. I am a Certified POUND Pro. I am a TRX Certified Basics Trainer, I am also a National Federation Of Personal Trainers-Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Cancer Recovery Specialist.  I am a Certified Fitness Professional with DotFIT and use their program for client set-up & charting. I have been training clients for over 5 years.


I conduct 1:1 Personal Training, Group Training, Run Clubs, Boot Camps, and Weight Loss Challenges. I have lost over 100lbs with exercise and good nutrition, and I am a Hashimoto’s Disease sufferer for 38 years.  I have run a Marathon and 8–1/2 Marathons.  No contract or required amount of sessions. You pay me before your session starts and then we schedule your future sessions when you want them.


Here is a breakdown of what McManes Personal Training has to offer:


Personal Training:  $25 an hour for individual training or $20 an hour per person for buddy training.